Photo Gallery: Pictures from runs and events.

Check out the latest photos from our meetings, group activities and the club house.



I will be making folders and uploading more pics after our first meeting and event for 2012, so keep checking back.

Pictures  and video below are from our first meeting and offroad run for 2012 which took place on may 5th.

Video to be uploaded later, I have to change the format first.

Below is pics from when a jeep club came up from Madison to run with me.

Below is new pics from my trail ride on march 22nd 2012, my wife jenn and I took our dog out to the trails by augustyne springs, I was hoping to scout out some trails for a future club event, but the roads were very wet, and deep with soupy clay, the beginning of the day went ok with some close calls, almost got stuck a few times, but after our break we hit some other trails that took us down into a low valley, the trails got alot worse, so we turned around, on the way back my truck found a clay sink hole, and instantly sunk to the bumpers, digging got us nowhere, so I called in some help from craig, one of the club members, after a long 4 mile walk to meet him on main road, then it took a couple hours of winching to get out of that hole, but then we had to get winched 3 more times, because the reason i was having issues, is i didnt realize my front locking hubs had blown, and the clacking noise was from the hubs not engaging, so now ive bought better stronger new hubs for next event. please check out the pics below.