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We are always pleased to welcome new members who bring a breath of fresh air to the group. Please keep reading, and we would love to hear from you, whether you have questions or would like to join the club!


I have created a new 4wd club in Northern Wisconsin, this is a FREE club to join and attend, only time a fee will be charged is if you would like vehicle club stickers made(sticker design will be discussed later) or if the club decides to join one of the Associations that govern the offroad clubs in Wisconsin..
I was the founder of a 4wd club in the mountains in southern California for many years until I moved to Wisconsin in 2005, and in the years I have lived here I have noticed there weren't many 4wd clubs in this area or they were only for certain types of 4wd's, we are open for all makes of 4wd's.

(this is NOT a dirt bike or ATV club)
Our club follows all safety steps to make sure every off road adventure is a safe and fun trip for all who attend.
As you can see all we need now is more members and to appoint club officers, so please feel free to join and message me if you love going offroading in Wisconsin, day trips and overnight camping trips will be planned once we have members and staff.
I will update this description once we have more members and I get an idea of the wants and needs of off road enthusiasts in this area, I am located in Antigo Wisconsin which is a hour north east of Wausau, but people from all areas of Wisconsin are welcome.

To become a member, please fill out our Membership form, if you have any questions, please Contact us.
I have also created a page on Facebook, So please feel free to look it up and join.

Our Founder, and President.












Brandon Fredericks

Antigo, WI 54409

Phone: (715)610-4338

Email: info@northwoods4wdclub.com