Our Association

History of the Association


A few years ago, the current president of our club, Brandon Fredericks, created it in order to give everyone the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors in a constructive manner. The Club quickly turned into an important part of our members' lives!

Brandon Fredericks was the founder of a 4wd club in the mountains in southern California for many years until he moved to Wisconsin in 2005, and in the years he has lived here he noticed there weren't many 4wd clubs in this area and the ones that were here were only for certain types of 4wd's, so he created a club that is open for all makes of 4wd's and for all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.


Thanks to the increasing number of members, we were able to create a website, and start moving forward with planning events for the years to come. This website is still being renovated with new info and pictures.